Makerbots at The Bartlett

Although additive manufacturing is not a new technology, there has been a boom in its development in recent years and people are finding new ways to push this technique forward every day. Perhaps one of the most talked about frontiers are the advances towards making 3D printing a domestic feature, with cheap and user-friendly systems coming to the forefront. While these machines do not yet match the resolution and complexity of the industrial grade machines, they open up endless opportunities for rapid and inexpensive design realisation.

To complement the 3D printing services we offer, the Bartlett has invested in 30 Makerbot printers to help students explore the potential of their models. The Replicator 2X machines provide a much cheaper method of rapid manufacture with more freedom over materials. Students look after these machines, having access to them outside of working hours, and the self-led running and maintenance of these machines means that students gain a much greater insight into the process and requirements behind this manufacture technique. Students can freely experiment with making physical models from digital designs- a process that can be difficult without practise. 

However, stepping into a new technology can be overwhelming. To help students get the most out of this exciting new technology, this blog will be updated weekly with tips and tricks. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the best way to exploit this new opportunity!


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