Auto Fix Your Files - netfabb Cloud Server

The kind folk over at netfabb ( now offer a free web based file processing service allowing you to analyze, check and repair your STL files prior to building.

Simply upload your file along with your email address to the netfabb cloud server.  The file is then automatically corrected and fixed ready for you to download, and check before building.


Remember to re- check your files as data can be changed during any fixing process


  1. Really very informative blog thanks for sharing this. keep sharing. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.
    I need a good, reliable Cloud Server. I can use personally and recommend to others. Any ideas?

  2. Agreed!Cloud Server allow to share and save the data on the save server. That is perfect for save the files in a secure server. This blog is helpful to know about the cloud server and its benefits.

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