How to Print with B-made 3DP- Step by Step

Create a Printable File
Create a file with closed, clean geometry (more information can be found here) and export it as an STL file.

Bring the File to Us
You can visit us in our office with your file on a memory stick or to email it to File submissions are only accepted between 9:30am and 12:30pm- submissions after this time will be seen to the following morning.

Consultation Phase
Once we have received your file, we'll liaise with you on the printability, price and time of completion. Please note that we operate a 3 day turnaround from the point at which the print is of acceptable quality and the order confirmed- if you bring a model with bad geometry or delay in confirming, this could lengthen the process.

We will take 3 days to print and clean your model.

You can come to our office to pick up your model and pay cash on collection. Internal orders may be paid by IDT. 


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